Kirsten Cortez
Family Literacy Program Specialist
Ph. 719.328.3023

The Adult and Family Education Literacy Center is designed to empower families by providing opportunities to increase adult literacy and improve parent's ability to support their children academically and developmentally while focusing on the child's parent as the first and most important teacher.

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Our center provides:

  • Parent and Child time to support children and parents learning together.
  • Family engagement to engage families in all aspects of their children's academic lives and be advocates for better education.
  • Opportunities for the adults to gain the knowledge to continue and advance in the workforce.
  • A certified childcare facility with highly qualified workers and the highest rating from Qualistar rating of 4 stars.

The Literacy Center is a place for parents and children to learn together, strengthen bonds and create families that are empowered to achieve their goals.

​Our Staff
Beth McGill
​Shakuntla Chettri
Sandra de Benavides​
​Iraida Galan
​Deb Stepp
​Yuldeki Gonzalez-Perez
​Brenildes Gonzalez-Sanchez
​Dave Hurley
​Larissa Kazanowski
​Nancy Ozik
Maritza Tovar-Ramos​