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Wendy Swearingen

Adult & Family Education

Colorado Springs School District 11
Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus
2115 Afton Way Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

Wendy Swearingen is the new Adult and Family Education Director for Colorado Springs School District #11.  She is the first college graduate in her family and has dedicated her life work to education, so she understands the complexities of venturing out into unfamiliar pathways.  She has multiple master’s degrees, licenses, endorsements, and authorizations which have enabled her to serve many different learners and leaders.  Wendy has taught elementary, middle, high school, and adult education.  She was a general education, Spanish, CLD, and ESL/ABE teacher.  Her love for teaching soared when she taught with Adult & Family Education (AFE) when her children were young.  She considers it a joy and privilege to return and lead in this administrative position.  She hopes that her story gives others the courage to forge their own unique paths with strength and purpose.              

Adult and Family Education is grateful for and relies on funding through federal, state, and local grants to support one of the largest adult education programs in the state of Colorado.  D11 Adult & Family Education is one of the only comprehensive programs in the state that serves students in all these areas:

  • Adult Basic Education (K-5 equivalency)
  • Adult Secondary Education (6-12 equivalency)
  • English Language Acquisition
  • Family Literacy (serving children ages birth through 5th grade)
  • Adult Career Pathways
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Classes for refugees throughout El Paso County

The program serves an average of 600-850 students per year, while the Family Literacy program typically serves up to 100 children per year.  We have a skilled and dedicated staff that partners with eager adult learners to increase their English, literacy, numeracy, and career advancement skills.